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pleasanton shut down right now because of the deadly accident. it's 5:00 and were seeing some pretty good sized place across the stretch. all lanes of soft on 680 bypass and dublin interchange of block. chp has been seeing since 4:00 this morning. a pedestrian was in the roadway and he was hit and killed. investigation continues. caltrans crews are out there to assist and make hard closure in the area. is not impacted was pumping traffic yet. moving towards less than five in the and then you confuse the foothills off with to get back onto the freeway. it's causing some major problems for the start of the morning commute. you want to avoid that area.
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will take a quick of look at the golden gate bridge where the fault is very thick. you could see cars heading southbound toward story of drug. to the principle of the santa clara element to school will be in court for an abatement on truxel charges. plans are less cyclical list on friday. he was suspended from his job running montague elementary school after investigators said they felt mad at his home. an undercover agent had said they met him on they didn't whip side. they say he offered drugs. allen is of the police searched lewis's home and city from math skills and teach the and also known as the date rape a drug. the santa clara unified school district confirms lewis has been placed on the minister of leave without pay. a sentence as the man is
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under respite after trying to duck and the annual goal. he is slated to go on for an afternoon in san mateo and allegedly took her a store distance but she was able to get he has also been linked to two similar incidents at other schools in semitism. there is a town hall meeting today to address last week's police and the shooting. committee will be 1130 this morning some mission district businesses started doing desperate andit causes the mission district police station. i'm wondering how far this going to go. just like everyone else was living a run here. the protest but a person died after police shot a man they said pulled a pistol on them. the man is expected to live. come on meeting will be at the corner stone church. we want to give you a bit of
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an update here are some live pictures on the scene. the are a lot of law enforcement on the scene this happens early this morning in hayward. this is an investigation into a police shooting head or the police tell us about 1 percent were shot in this area. this is right in front of the dirty bird lunch. this is in hayward. they would police thus one person shot we have a crew on scene and we will be getting more so he tells soon. the shovel or a refinery in richmond is the focus of a criminal probe hit by the federal government. investigators are trying to determine if chevron potentially used eight had to bypass the monitors air pollutants. the facades of the suspicious two
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years ago and since then let local agency has reviewed surveillance camera 8 and determine that the monster had been bypassed 27 times in the previous four years. we will never know the mission times during these events. the e p eight is now involved in chevron ended in the response to cbs five said the issues were resolved last year with a settlement with local regulators. the investigation is not related to the fund at the refinery. it is set for 6:00 at richmond tomorrow auditorium. this morning a homeless encampment here for a and king street in san francisco is expected to be cleared for the second time. a fire broke up the site last wednesday. the city has notified a dozen people living there that they had to leave. authorities have identified airport worker who
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died after crushing a service truck into a parked aircraft. he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident that happened early saturday morning at the cause of the crash remains under investigation. into an offense was that a high voltage power lines. the car to the scene about 9:00 yesterday morning. it looked like it plans for trying to raise a light pole but didn't know there is a power line directly above it. if the party came into contact with the overhead power line at oakland coliseum. they were in the vault process of hosting a poem came into contact with the line. offense word affected with a much and burns. this is usually the time of
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the european weekend counts and the nice weather. some of log very thick as it approached the coast line. fifties' elsewhere but afternoon were going to enjoy mostly sunny skies and inland. of looking at the 77 in san jose 75 in sunnyvale 85 degrees in livermore. the 65 degrees in san francisco mostly sunny. los 70's in oakland. in the race for the white house president obama and mitt romney back on a prime-time television production and appeared on cbs's 60 minutes last night. romney responded to criticism that he's been too vague about his plans for the
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country. if you want to work together with people across the aisle you let your principles and policies and you worked with together with them. you do not hand them a complete document in st. here take this lead. as for economic plan is the president has revealed that this simply won't work. he seems only have one of and that the tax cuts for the wealthy and rolling back regulations as a respite for. the controversy over mommy's taxes are the target of a campaign ad. instead of attacking others aren't others romney should come clean on his. as like that destroyed his positions and a big reason he's trailing in polls. the 2012 presidential election is still weeks away with some pundits are already speculating on who will
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run in 2016. secretary of state a recount and has not ruled out a hunt and her husband is making it clear he would support her she is an extraordinarily nimble% and thus never been a better public servant. i have no carefully ideal what she will decide to do. he remembered every clinton lost a close battle with at walk about in 2008. among the big topic submit button to tackle is a civil war in syria tension over it wants to the program and five men protest and much of the muslim watt over an entire muslim deal. president obama is scheduled to bed dressed the general assembly tomorrow. bust workers are still searching for cambers lost an avalanche in the home. the slide has killed at least nine the month nears. many of the climbers were french german or italian. the avalanche hit a
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camp with more than two dozen hot up the slopes of the world's eighth highest peak. pin explosive new autobiography for models schwarzenegger dishes on his secret affair an illegitimate child. plus not even know we got a giant panda cub has died at the nationals to. washington state a blaze again of firefighters are again of firefighters are tackling the fierce we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence.
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firefighters and washington sent to making progress on the destructive wildfires. it has burned more than a dozen acres destroyed two cabins in the the 600 homes are still frightened this morning. the fire to quell and eventually combine with the second fired nearby. you can say that you weren't worried somewhat. depending on the wind as near as we configure about 2 mi. away was about as close as it got. we could see the fire. officials said the two blisses been urged the what happens. resources could have been combined to concentrate on one place. and more homes are
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forbidden by the shocking fire near the mexican border. it started around noon yesterday. within three of its people were being told they had to evacuate the area. no injuries have been reported. we discussed were from chp that is one to be another hour or so until the real open every link of soft on six city. we've been following a fatal accident over night was a pedestrian was in the roadway. we do have is the closure on 680. the traffic is backed up for miles. it looks like a pedestrian was in the roadway and he was head. the sixth a off whip from 580 is closed and
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backed up. people have stopped cars and stop the engines. because it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. i boarded the city at all costs. this is 60 justified a pit some callers have been sitting there since 4:00 this morning. the detouring some cars off to was done 580. in the meantime we just up the latest update a couple minutes ago from chp. 615 is when the open to be open lanes. the unseen. not too bad yet across the stretch. as the closure continues were likely going to see delays through livermore pleasanton is so flawed that does not seem to be the case. other east the drive * < 24-hour looking pretty
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good heading out of oakland. heading towards less than 580 looks good. was that 80 bus and light lots of sunshine come away. we have a few more cards from the bay area this morning. if you're traveling along the cockiness not bad looking nice. at that she felt that there this morning but that should give way to sunshine as we head towards the afternoon. most clear and the valves were getting reports of fraud in the center rosa area. in the short end up in the ballast. traveling today pettifog and the sunshine this
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afternoon. the possible risk of thunderstorms with houston could 70 in york. this is going to drop out and move on out. once it moves high pressure begins to settle back in. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning will likely fall back and along the coastline and move inside the bait. temperatures should be nice. 70's and for the delta. central day above 65 degrees in san francisco 75 in oakland. so and the spots will be state for the weekend. instead of the men at the
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smithsonian nationals to pit and the cupboard last week has died. officials were all loaded to be exhibit when the mother panda was cut in distress. the cut was unresponsive to cpr and other measures. the cubs mother is very upset. she is resting comfortably and has begun to be a little bit. this is something will be spending a lot of time watching out for. the preliminary cause of death and is expected later today. the caliber to be in good condition after birth. been of benefit children chose not so fast. recalling his house wind up in a better because of possible salmonella contamination the ft reports the and the plot is the likely source of trader joe's says
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endospore removing its product from the show's more cells. gas prices have gone down but the bill. the national average for a gallon of and regular is $3.83. asked about a third of a cent over the past two weeks. for 25 in oakland in oakland is for 16 in the senator said it is $4.17. he spoke with lesley stahl of cbs 60 minutes. i shouldn't mariette is wishing me well with everything that i do. at this point she has not read anything. the preview of the interview, up this morning. the
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bus of tv honored at the 64th annual primetime any more awards last night. among the bid was drawn clattered the two and half man start what ha an award for two and a half lead at all wars. this did not just happens quite eminent in the and the amazing category with amazing people i worship and admire. kathy bates also won an emmy for outstanding guest actress in a comedy for hope it's on to that of men. the amazing grace. the amazing grace 14 the ninth time in 10 nominations. the new season premieres this coming sunday night. showtime series homeland to compete in the for best drama series, and family
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took the studies for in module of sap a shock to us for one big area sports team on sunday. it was an overtime thriller,
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if you're having a on this monday morning is a little chilly in the north a valid. we continue to follow breaking traffic is at the pleasanton. and lands remain shut down on southbound 680. it will be at least another hour before they be open lanes. cars are stuck in the back up. be opened in and start a former tennis series in texas tonight. the a's couldn't in had three hits in york. he beat us beat the yankees 52 for in this thing in the wild-card race. in
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the ninth must oppose the pinch hit with the bases loaded gun that and drove in his 98th run of the year. san adobe san francisco 6 reform. the oakland raiders have won that the first game of the season appears ritas went on to beat the pittsburgh steelers and make high-scoring if they're in oakland. the phone and others suffered their first loss of the season and minnesota. minnesota went on to a 24 to the team win. the detroit lions were done seven to the tennessee titans with seven seconds to play. back at quarterback throws a 10 minute past that is caught and
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sent the game into overtime. the lions then lost the game. the ellen's the coveted place of the day. arnold schwarzenegger opens up about a secret affair that ended his marriage. the explosive interview with 60 minutes. what prompted police to open file. a big area elementary school principal plus the for drugs. ,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding.
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now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. witness police opened fire
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at on this aspect in which we're what led up to the confrontation. we had a welcome sign ready for the monday morning commute all lanes of south and six they are completely shut down and pleasanton. fat and low clouds return on this monday morning. or fallen breaking news right now. the list and pleasant in a fatal accident is closing southbound 680. the freeway has been completely shut down since about 4:00 this morning. it's also out of lanes of 680. this is an and accident involving a pedestrian and the roadways. he has lied on the scene with the very latest. were to on the hard
5:30 am
shoulders. and they have started laying down these flares. but going to try and open up the middle lane to let some of the traffic throughput of the heads with salt and people will and in the car since believe 45 a m. the traffic is backed up for miles. this is the car pedestrian accident. the pedestrian was killed. they're going to try and open up the inside lane to try believe some of the traffic. stay away from southbound 680. we just got word from chp it turns out that caltrans crews are going to live at 67152 assists with the closure. at this point we don't know when they're going to be opened islands of soft on 680 in pleasanton. the detouring some cars to bust on 580 and useful
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road to get back on 2680. in the meantime worsening lives to the altamont pass of livermore. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza were so far traffic is light. an investigation into a police shooting is going on right now in the east bay. who just cut and seeing all want to point this out the other ahead lot of police activity going on. several roads are blocked off with in trying to make numerous calls to contact police to confirm the exact details of what happened. you can see how extensive the police activity is overhead. what to a
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college or run this area. we have a crew of the established a few blocks away admission of an industrial the we just heard about the reports that the suspect in this case is dead. or open to convert exact details on how this the place within the next the fall. we do know he was an officer involved shooting that had been here. understanding the police activity extends for the dump to descend and industrial. will bring you more information as we get. lotus today an elementary school court to face drug charges. and hit outside and at the
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elementary school in santa clara with 42 recluse has been the principal for seven years. he is on unpaid leave facing these drug charges. lewis was are listed on friday during a bus that happened in the san francisco area. investigators said the fed a quarter ounce of methamphetamine at his house. he will be arraigned on lived in santa clara superior court pool the attitude that he was involved with drugs. in an undercover investigation of the money didn't upset and said that lewis offered him drugs. investigators and searched his san francisco home and found that some schedules to which he and other polls. he was a look into the santa clara county jail on suspicion of having methamphetamine for sale. an offering to furnish narcotics.
5:34 am
the parents and within the district so he was able to recover principal. he will be arraigned later on today. the services go man is under arrest after suspected for trying to that conundrum ". he is slated to go off afternoon epoxide elementary school in san mattel pitch allegedly took her short distance the wind to grow a skillet. he has also been linked to two similar incidents. whether the attack on hold this meeting to address last week's police shooting in san francisco's district. sun mission district businesses to spend part of the week in doing this. cleaning up after two days of vandalism. the notes had cars. i'm wondering how far this is going to go everyone else who
5:35 am
lives around here is worried about how for the groin to take it. put assaulted within the police shut off and then who pulled a pistol on them. the man is expected to live. and about 40 hours a homeless encampment in san francisco is expected to be clear for the second time. it is located near the caltrans station near fourth and history. the suit has since been notified a dozen of soap living dead that they had to leave. most of the promise rooms by the city of things and not or a pen pal. he shall live up the third week in october we talk about the first cold front. in jordan us whether we have it. it's a
5:36 am
little fear as you approach the skyline. those going to continue to track in that direction. the commission is likely to what today wooded lot of '60s and '70s to run the bid. in the sector which will build and. temperatures will start the heat up. sphere the '60s and '70s in the central budget. the and the seeress of russian criminal investigation into the chevron refinery of fear. the bay area air quality management district vs. something suspicious two years ago bit since then the local agency review surveillance camera images and determine that the monarch should had been
5:37 am
bypassed 27 times in the past four years. we will never know the admissions level during the swelling events which is serious. that the u.s. environmental protection agency is involved. chevron and in e-mail response said new issues or resolved last year in a settlement with local regulators. the epa investigation is not related to last month's fire at this chevron refinery fire. that fire is the focus of a community meeting tonight and sat for 6:00 at richmond or auditorium. the bill's author but assemblyman joe hill were signed yesterday. one requires state public key committee petitions another is designed to ensure the utilities don't cut corners on maintenance. the third lot who requires the puc to adopt performance matrix that give it
5:38 am
power to levy fines. of men appear last night on cbs's 60 minutes. romney had this is said about criticism of his plans are big pitch is that you want to work together with people across the of the plant after principles and policies to work out with them but you do not hand them a complete document and take mr. leavitt. as for the economic plan is the president has orville romney says it will work. he sends the how of only one note. tax cuts for the wealthy and rolling back regulations as a respite for success. the controversy over from his taxes are part of a new obama campaign ad. he will release his tax returns before 2010 may be instead of attacking others on taxes he should come clean on
5:39 am
his pitches up as like that says they distort his position. we do is arnelle in new york for the start of the united nations general assembly. the civil war and syria tension overruns nuclear program and violent protests in much of the muslim on. a government minister in axle and has put a bounty on the middle of it and some muslim video. the pakistan government is not representing companies official policy. he offered at the hundred thousand dollars of his own money to anyone who kills the maker of the video. the video was produced in the u.s. of part of several protests in several countries the plate was on the fox: technology group
5:40 am
the company that makes our phones for apple. fox, and is not saying whether this particular factory produces films. the fight lasted about 10 hours. we ought and housing authority has opened up a witness for low income families. it will be followed by a computer was a lottery. to select 8000 households. nine different sites other applicable. the bus cancer breakthrough the gene discovery that could help treatments. the seat that will fall far from the tree. new evidence that moment that may be to blame for their kids,,,,,,
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>> a mishap in san antonio tx left nearly 8,000 lbs. of beer on the highway, after the 18 wheeler overturned after the driver took the exit to quickly. he was on his way back from
5:44 am
mexico and was not hurt but the accident shut down too busy highway ramps for hours. >> most teenaged drivers are likely to have bad habits while they're driving. >> 1700 teens around the nation, a majority admit making poor decisions, nine out of 10 said that a talk on the phone while driving and 94 percent admit to speeding. most of that they learned their behavior from their parents. andrea writes " parents are role models and should act as such, we need to exhibit the behavior we're teaching and need to show kids why is that ". , on facebook or twitter or e- mail us at cbs 5 morning's .com. have to tell you that i used to be a little bit of a speed demon and my daughter called me out on it one day ..
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>> you bill maze me. there was a famous article in reader's digest written in 1939 called " in sudden death " and my parents gave it to me when i was 15 years old and it scared the life of me. and i am alive today. there are problems on the freeway this morning and big ones, elizabeth has the latest. >> yes, a major traffic headache that has been out there since 4:00 a.m.. a fatal accidents of about 680 at stone ridge so we took some video and have a crew on the scene. you can see the flyers are still out there and the roadways. chp has been on the scene. the investigation continues, we understand caltrans crews should be out there and another 45 minutes to do a hard closure and the investigation is supposed to continue after that. at this point we really do not have an estimated time when they look at the roadway completely reopened. we understand that they're letting some cars through now on
5:46 am
the center divide. but again, we know that till crews are on the scene, still waiting for the corner to get there. in the meantime, some people have been sitting there for up to an hour or more. let's show you what it looks like as far as the backups go, right now south about 680 is really the problem spot, was down 580 is your deed or. 2 ft. hill road. you can use the city streets around stone ridge mall to get back onto the freeway because this will be a major problem for at least the beginning half of the morning commute. was down 580, you can see it is beginning to back up a little bit in the dublin/pleasanton area. that is a check of traffic, for more on your forecast lets go to lawrence. >> patchy fog around the bay area and especially as you approached the coastline and that will hang around in the early morning hours and give way to sunshine later on. whether looking good after that. low pressure passing north and
5:47 am
east of the bay area. no showers for us to worry about as far as rate is concerned if you're headed out the door we have cloudy skies along the beaches, sec near the skyline boulevard and the golden gate. patchy fog in the north bay valley's. this afternoon should be mostly sunny, back in the '80s and land in '60s and '70s inside of the bay and '50s and '60s out to the coastline and if you plan on traveling you can still find pretty good heat in fresno. 85 degrees in yosemite, 88 in sacramento and 93 degrees in ukiah. high-pressure waiting to build in as the low will move to the east and once the does the ridge bills back in the bay area and to the butchers will slowly warms up over the next few days. in the meantime we have low clouds and fog this morning that should begin to break up but hanging out towards the san mateo county courcoastline to read images looking very nice in the later part of the day, 77 in
5:48 am
san jose, and 77 degrees in palo alto, is the senators in the 80s in many spots and '70s and the delta with a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon and sunday tutors and mostly sunny and to oakland, 65 in san fransisco and a very nice 80 degrees and sonoma. the next couple days the mergers will slowly warm things up and maybe move back into the '90s as we head into the later part of the week with them it is looking very nice, keeping you cool along the coastline but some cheers in the '50s and '60s. >> stock futures are lower this morning. >> the drop comes as markets around the world fall. daschle morrison from cbs money watch .com has all the latest this morning. >> good morning, that is right, markets in asia were lower on concerns of a global slowdown, it dropped half a percent to a one week closing low while hong kong lost 1/4%. a number of economic reports are due out this weekend that could determine the direction of the stock market.
5:49 am
among them, consumer confidence, new home sales and weekly jobless claims. on friday the dow lost 17 points while the nasdaq rose four points. trader joe's is recalling peanut butter that has been linked to salmonella. the specialty grocery chain voluntarily removed their creamy salted peanut butter from store shelves. there have been 29 reports of salmonella illnesses in 18 states. most of those that were second or children. no deaths have been reported. american airlines says they expect to avoid laying off any flight attendants after 2200 of them signed up for severance payments. their parent company filed for bankruptcy in november in the airline is trying to cut $1 billion per year out of their labor costs. >> the iphone 5 came out last week, and we understand the verizon version of the phone has a secret feature. what is that? >> it is not a secret when i
5:50 am
tell you but it is called " unlocked " and it means that the phone works on at&t networks as well. it is the first time that the verizon my phone has been able to access at&t network without a complicated packing procedures and this will give buyers the option of switching carriers when their 2 year verizon contract is up. another thing " unlocked " does not mean that it does not lock your phone. it was very confusing on a monday morning. >> why would verizon to that is almost like they're saying " here is our product but we will make sure you have access to the competitor ". >> i guess to get more people, i know, get more people to buy i guess, everyone likes options. but unlocked, i thought that was confusing, at this it was for me on this morning at 4:00 a.m. when i was reading it. >> no kidding. >> especially morrison, a cbs money watch .com, thank you. >> news out of the world of
5:51 am
science, genetic researchers say that breast cancer is very similar to ovarian cancer and could lead to better treatments for both diseases. the study was published in the journal of nature and fines triple negative breast cancer and high rate ovarium cancers share many genetic features. doctors hope the cancers could eventually be treated with the same drugs. >> it is 5:51 a.m., arnold schwarzenegger opens up about his infidelity in a new tell all book. a preview of his bombshell interview with 60 minutes. >> stars in surprises, the emmy upset on the biggest night in tv. [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it.
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>> good morning, still have been major traffic problems on south bounces hundred 83 pleasanton. a live look at the scene, they're letting some cars through on the shoulder and in those far left lanes. but traffic remains very backed up in the area. coming up we have a full look at your morning drive in a few minutes. >> we're seeing patchy fog around the bay area, the marchers a little cool in the north bay valley's down to the third is there and '50s elsewhere. more on your weather coming up. >> former gov. arnold schwarzenegger talking about an upcoming book in the end of his marriage with maria shriver. he spoke to cbs 60 minutes. >> i think that's maria is wishing me well. with everything that i do. >> has she read this? >> no. at this point she had not read anything. >> it should be an interesting interview, a preview can be seen on cbs this morning coming up at
5:55 am
7:30 a.m.. >> been services co, the club will have its last left after 60 years. it will close tonight when its lease expires and that ends a long history that includes comedy legends like robin williams, woody allen and phyllis diller. they plan to hold a comedy marathon tonight. and some cheers competition as the stars come out for the 64th annual primetime emmy awards last night. cbs took home 16 awards, the most among all broadcast networks and among the big winners, john crier, the 2 1/2 men star won an emmy award for lead actor in a comedy and the other top winners, homeland took home the emmy for best drama series, a big upset over madmen we'll modern family took the stage for best comedy and you can log onto for a slide show all of a star's. the biggest color on the red carpet last night yellow. >> you make note of these
5:56 am
things? four minutes before the hour of 6:00, in the next half- hour, a green day meltdown, >> major delays in the east bay, a deadly accident closes out bounce hundred 80, when is the freeway expected to open up again? >> we're live in a war where officers are still on the scene of an officer mall shooting that ended with a suspect shot and killed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> some major problems for east bay commuters, southbound highway 680 shut down due to a deadly accident. when is it expected to reopen? >> we are live in hayward where

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